A bold and stunning line of sustainable women’s clothing celebrating Haida formline.

“The designs are our ancestors’ voices from the past. They speak of the language of formline and split-U, and their echoes remind us of the ravens’ croaking in the forest and the songs you can sometimes hear on the surf. They whisper stories of noble ones and the spirit of beings of the land, sky and ocean. They reaffirm our connection to our islands and our ancestors, and recall the time when Raven went Travelling.” 

– Reg Davidson

Tatsgwíik! Come on in!

Gassin tl’aaw Yáahl, G̱úud, Tsai? Why Ravens, Eagles, Polka Dots?

Reg Davidson
Díi Ýaat’áagang. I am Haida.

Ga Ts’áak’aas gúust uu díi k’wáalaagang. I am from the Eagle moiety

Reg Davidson, of the Tsahl Eagle clan, is a master carver. Great grandson of Charles Edenshaw, he was born and continues to live in Masset, Haida Gwaii. He has been carving argillite, silver, wood and totem poles since 1972. In 1976, Reg began an apprenticeship with his brother, Robert Davidson. In 1980, they founded the Rainbow Creek Dancers, a group that still performs traditional Haida songs and dances.

Reg has established himself as an internationally recognized artist adept in many mediums, commissioned for work from all over the world. His most visible works to date stand as magnificent cedar carvings at the Vancouver Airport arrivals terminal; Raven Stealing Beaver Lake, Raven Steals the Moon and Blind Halibut Fisherman.

Wendy Van Riesen
Dii t’iits Waasinjaanas. I am of European Decent

Wendy was born on Dahlia Drive in Los Angeles and moved to Calgary in the mid-‘60’s.

She studied acting at the University of Alberta and the Playhouse Acting School in Vancouver. After working 26 years on stage and film, she sailed with her family to Glacier Bay, Alaska in a converted fishing trawler called the Marvin B. That journey inspired her to leave acting and start telling her own stories, enrolling in and completing Capilano University’s Textile Arts Program. She uses skills gained from this education to create her line of clothing, Dahlia Drive.

In 2014, Wendy and her husband lived for a year on a sailboat in Delkatla Slough, Masset, Haida Gwaii. One day they visited  Reg’s carving shed while he was carving the poles for YVR.   

Áatl’an uu gu hal ñáatsgat-‘aawaan. This is where they met each other.

‘Ravens, Eagles, Polka Dots’ launched at Eco Fashion Week 2016 with the tremendous assistance of Joleen Mitton and her mentored group of young Indigenous models.

Yáahl, G̱úud, Tsai is our new name to mark our new beginning. It is our testament to a respectful, equal and accountable relationship. [Tsai, ‘Salmon Egg’ in X̱aayda Kil, is the closest relative of the ‘polka dot’ we could find: rich, round, red, holding life. We think it is perfect.]

G̱aaganah That is Why

Styled by DriveYáahl, G̱úud, Tsai

Gyaaging.aay CRESTS: Gyaaging.aay are a coat of arms representing a clan or individuals within a clan, telling of a person’s lineage and place within the society.

Known as the trickster, transformer and creator, Yáahl shapes itself and the world around it with spontaneous aplomb, often creating mischief. Ravens love shiny things.

Known as a spiritual guide that provides connection to a higher realm, Guud represents strength of character, courage and healing power. Eagles mate for life and are fiercely loyal.

Known for intelligence, leadership and a strong sense of family values, Guuj is a great team player and mates for life.  G̱úuj symbolizes perseverance, intuition and success .

The Hummingbird is the messenger of joy.  Known for its fortitude and ability to overcome great obstacles, Dakdakdíiyáa symbolizes the spirit of metamorphosis, peace, healing and love.

Ts’ing are determined builders of the mind, body and soul. A hard worker, they symbolize creativity, cooperation, persistence and harmony.

Hlḵ’yáan ḵ’úst’aan  is the voice of the people, symbolizing openness, stability and superior communication. It represents great wealth.

Tsiin is the provider of life.  Bringing the riches of the sea to spawning rivers, Salmon symbolizes prosperity, fertility, abundance, renewal and good luck.