Yáahl Raven Piano Pants

Wrap around Piano Pants are amazing. Wide legged pants emerged in the 40’s and strode through the 60’s and 80’s right through to today. K'úunaay hl áangaa tlajuuhldáa! Change your pants! Walking within them, the folds undulate vertically (piano keys) whileYáahl Raven dances across the pleats without breaking the surface. Easy to put on and adjustable at the ribcage, the pants fit snugly right under your breasts and then fan out in decadence. Wear over boy shorts, bathing suits or tights. Travel! Háaníisgwáa! Take big strides and feel the wind follow you. Flash some leg.

The pants are made from recycled curtain sheers: washed, cut and sewn into a blank structure . Two paper canvases are screened with Yáahl X̱yáalas Raven Dancing in hlG̱áhl black dye. The images are pinned onto each side of the blank pants; pleats carefully set. The k’úuk/heart sun is set. The name’s hidden and the sandwich is heat pressed. The pleats and dye are permanent. These pants can be washed and dried by machine! The piano pants come in 2 sizes, based on your ribcage measurement. The wide, elastic high band is fitted with a line of hooks (similar to a bra strap) accommodating a wide gradient in rib cage sizes.

Yáahl X̱yáalas Raven Dancing (original)



Styled by You

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