Show TIme

16 years of business at a minimum of 3 shows per year equals 48 shows. 48 shows at an average of 4 days per show equals 192 days. 192 days at an average of 20 pieces sold/day equals 3,840 pieces made! BEFORE AFTER I generally prepare the garments for sale: pattern, dye, paint, print, set, […]

Dahlia Drive: One Week to Flying the Nest

A plethora of paper, bits of lace, woven seaweed, buckets of buttons and doodads, fraught threads, brushes and dyes fortress my studio. Each item beckons me with endless possibilities. It is my nest. #TheLastHundred humbles me. Every day, there are fewer canvases to print, paint, embellish and dye, yet the nest does not seem to […]

You Are Here

Dahlia Drive’s Continuation Day: November 12, 2023 Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist priest, described birth and death as continuation days; there is a life before birth, a life during life, and then a life after death. It is a continuum. In physics, no energy is gained or lost; it simply transforms. Below is a small […]

Dahlia Drive Eco Designer’s Final Curtain CallCalifornia, Circle Craft, Continuation Day, Dahlia City, Dahlia Drive, Eagle Rock, Gabrielinos, Glendale, Gretna, Kizh, Los Angeles, Manitoba, Yaahl Guud Tsai

Last Hundred Garments Available at Circle Craft Holiday Market Renowned textile artist Wendy Van Riesen of Dahlia Drive is retiring after 16 years of design and fabrication. The 68-year-old eco fashion designer, grandmother, and Powell River resident invites past, current, and future customers to take a bow with her at the 2023 Circle Craft Holiday […]

What’s in a name?

Born in Eagle Rock, California, next door to the Chesiks (who had an endless supply of orange gummy slices),across the street from the Harsh’s, the second youngest of 5 in a family of 7.

Raven’s Eagles Polka Dots to Yáahl, G̱úud, Tsai

‘The relationship between Haida Artists and Haida Gwaii is rather like the formline of Haida art- the black line may thicken or thin but it always remains connected.” Marianne Jones of the Taas Lanaas people “Raven Travelling: Two Centuries of Haida Art” VAG 2021 brings transformation to Ravens, Eagles, Polka Dots. The Truth and Reconciliation […]