1. Pick your Style from the tabs above

2. Measure yourself

Dahlia Drive’s sizing is based on my shape and because I am the center of my universe (as Aphrodite was of hers), I am a Medium (even though, according to the Marilyn Monroe world of sizing I am a small, the Penthouse world of sizing I am a 0 and the Asian metric of sizing I am an extra large). So if you find comfort in thinking you know your size, stop now and get a tape measure *.

As Aphrodite so beautifully demonstrates (she has invisible servants because she is a goddess):

  • Measure around your back and chest (including your breasts) for the CHEST measurement
  • Measure your rib cage right under your breasts for the RIBCAGE measurement
  • Measure your hips at their widest for the HIPS measurement

Note: it is vital you do not take what you discover personally. It is just a number.

3. Find your Size on the Style Guide!

Then click your heels together and repeat after me, “There is no place like me”, “There is no place like me” . Voila! You have arrived home in your perfect body!

4. Order your size!

* (if you do not have a measuring tape, find a yardstick or 12″ ruler and measure off a 60″ piece of yarn or shoelace liquorish or toilet paper. Use this length to loop around your body at the designated spot for your style and mark the join with a knot or paper clip. Measure the distance from end to knot against the inches of your ruler or yardstick.)

When it came to sizing her clothes, Aphrodite had it easy: “One goddess length of silk wrapped around my hips please!”.