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  • Puffy Coat DOTS (Out of Stock) $899.00

    Recycled, warm, water resistant, puffy, spectacular.

    What else to say about the Dot Puffy Coat except “MUST HAVE”?

    The Puffy Dot Coat has serious Japanese influence. Simple, elegant, no unnecessary parts. No angry corners.

    Gradient sizes of clear dots on an exterior ‘coal’ colour field and ‘heart’ big dots on a white colour field interior, ‘heart’ or ‘coal’ silk collar (you choose)). Leonardo spine down the lining back where we are all the same; a talisman of strength.

    A dot is complete and self contained. It is its own world and yet, in groups it becomes an infinitesimal part of the fluid fractals in a molecular world; all one together. Cuddly, washable, two ties and you are off.

    Double your dot quotient by pairing your Dot Puffy coat with a pair of Dahlia Drive Dot Piano Pants. How about red tights under that? Outrageous.

    Out of stock

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