“No mud, no lotus” Thich Nhat Hanh The Lotus Dress is a romp in the park, a glimpse of joy in the shadows, a promise of a sunny day. Worn as a dress or tunic, alone or with leggings/pants, sleeveless or over a fitted winterizing long sleeved top, the lotus dress will keep you blossoming out of the mud in any season. The red ( ‘heart’ ) lotus symbolizes pure love and compassion. The blue ( ‘bluejay’) lotus symbolizes victory of the spirit over the senses. The pink ( ‘hopscotch’) lotus symbolizes enlightenment. Please pick the lotus colour of your choice.

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.’ Mulan

Two lotuses are screened onto paper with ‘bluejay’, ‘heart’ or ‘hopscotch’ dye. The lotus image is cut away from the paper along its edges.

A large piece of paper is painted with ‘coal’ and, once dry, screened with clear dots.

A plain piece of paper is cut in the shape of the flattened dress to prevent the colours from migrating to undesired areas.

The sandwich is made: ‘coal’ paper with dots, dress , lotus, buffer paper, 2nd lotus inserted, ‘coal’ paper with dots on top.

Heat press.
Wash, Press, sew on button.

Made from cast off curtain sheers (mud) and grown with love to emerge as you, the lotus.

You cannot separate the lotus flower from the mud.
You cannot separate understanding and love.
These are 2 kinds of flowers that grow from the ground of suffering.

Styled by You