Smock TREE

The Smock, with its delicate triple collar, is simple, elegant and light. One button and you are ready to go. In front, your silhouette can be seen through the printed scrim of black (coal) brush strokes and resisted moons; a mysterious vision in the deep forest. On the back, a tree is printed with the sun (a heart dot) among its branches. As the smock swings, the pleat responds and the tree is animated.

Underneath, wear tight comfortable clothing to provide shape for this portal into your inner landscape. Sleeveless in summer or long sleeves with leather high boots in winter, the Smock is ready for any season.

The Smock is sewn first . As a blank canvas, it is laid upon the tree and sun, the pleat tracking the tree trunk. The painting is pinned in place and covered with the ‘star’ stroke painting in black (coal)/ clear dots.

Heat set, the pleat becomes permanent, the sun travels through your heart to the front and is reflected through a ‘moon’. Echoes of the tree and star are transferred in the heat process and provide depth to both landscapes.

The final element in the Smock sculpture is you. The design comes alive only when worn.

Polyester, upcycled material, wash, dry, no iron. Made in Vancouver, printed in Powell River



Styled by You