No mud, no lotus. Thich Nhat Hanh With just one button, the Smock is Dahlia Drives most popular garment. Flattering on every shape and size, it can transform any outfit quickly and profoundly into a beautiful flower. Pair with a fitted short or long dress, leggings or jeans, summer shorts or evening gown. Winterize it with boots and a long sleeved top to contrast its flow with fitted texture or wear it to the pool over your bathing suit! Travels light and small, does not wrinkle and the pleat in the back is permanent, animating the lotus wherever you go.

The Lotus Smock is sheer elegance and ease. It provides a transparent boundary between your body’s sculptural form and the external world until, like a lotus, you emerge from behind the veils to celebrate your beauty.

The Smock, with its delicate triple collar, is sewn first . As a blank canvas with an ironed pleat, it is laid on the painted canvas of a lotus, ‘heart’ seeds and ‘tarragon’ stem. The painting is pinned in place and covered with a ‘star’ stroke painting in black (coal)/lotus flower resist.. Once heatset, the pleat becomes permanent, the seeds travel through you to your heart and echoes of the lotus, stem and star provide 3 dimensional depth to the landscape. The front of the smock has a white image of the lotus within the coal star; the vision of the lotus before it blossoms above the mud. The smock, on you, encapsulates the entire story of the lotus; its birth, rise and blossom.

The Lotus Smock means little without you. Like the lotus, we emerge from behind veils to celebrate our beauty.

“No matter the source of its water, the lotus emerges.”

Styled by You