Piano Pants LACE

Wrap around Piano Pants are amazing. Wide legged pants emerged in the 40’s and strode through the 60’s and 80’s right through to today. Walking in these pants, the folds undulate vertically (piano keys) while the lace migrates the pleats with an organic flow of water like threads. Easy to put on and adjustable at the ribcage, the pants fit snugly right under your breasts and then fan out in decadence. Translucent, the shadow of your legs can be seen beneath the water or dancing along the keys.

The heating process makes the pleats and dye permanent. These pants can be washed and dried by machine! Wear over boy shorts, bathing suits or tights. Couple them with a snug top with a matching colour in the Tree Kimono, Tree Hatori or Swing Top.

Winterize with a leather bomber jacket over and tights under. Take big strides and feel the wind follow you. Flash some leg. Go wild.

For my 50th Birthday, a friend made me a piece of bobbin lace, a laboriously patterned entanglement of fine threads spooled on tiny bobbins and tossed around and over pins on a pillow. The miraculous result is as light and delicate as a butterfly’s wing.

A connected world without beginning or end, held together by every threads’ relationship to others , interdependence at its finest.

The lace is 5” square but the silk screen of this image is 70” square; too large for one screen. I made two so that together, on the canvas paper, I could print the whole. The canvas paper is painted with a block of colour, screened on top in clear lace from both screens, pinned to the pleated pants and wrapped around the back of the pants. Each pair of lace piano pants is one full image of the entire piece of bobbin lace.

The lace image on the piano pants is an homage to my friend’s talent and love (all women’s love and hand work), my devotion to my Grandmother and my gratitude for interdependence.


Styled by You