Piano Pants DOT

These translucent wrap around pants are made from recycled curtain sheers: washed, cut and sewn into a blank structure . A paper canvas is painted with ‘coal’ dye, screened with clear polka dots and pinned onto the blank pants with the pleats carefully set. A large red dot is inserted on the bottom left, the Dahlia Drive name is hidden and the sandwich is heatset. The heating process makes the pleats and dye permanent. These pants can be washed and dried by machine! Wear over boy shorts, bathing suits or tights. Couple them with a snug top and Tree Kimono, Tree Hatori or the First Question Swing Top.

Take big strides and feel the wind follow you. Flash some leg. Go wild.

I use dots ubiquitously in my work. From this practice I have realized that clear dots on top of a colour field create a language of movement far beyond the sum of its parts; the resisted pleats on black are, in themselves, a dynamic piano key/ accordion union but the dots add movement for the eye as though visualizing stars in the universe. Some are perfectly round, some are sloppy or hazy, some are fading away. A set of dots can frame a certain portion of the canvas, offering a field of moons or a glimpse of legs shooting within the universe. So much to see, so little time.

The piano pants come in 2 sizes, based on your ribcage measurement. The wide, elastic high band is fitted with a line of hooks (similar to a bra strap) accommodating a wide gradient in rib cage sizes.

You are born alone. You die alone. The value of the space in between is trust and love. That is why, geometrically speaking, the circle is one. Everything comes to you from the other. Together we are one. Louise Bourgeois

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