Bustle Dress TREE

Be like a tree in pursuit of your cause. Stand firm, grip hard, thrust upward. Bend to the winds of heaven. And learn tranquility. A divine structure. A massive painting is needed to create the full landscape of the Bustle Dress. Inspired by 1930’s dressing gowns; snug in the bosom, open in the front, flaring out in movement. Elegant and sexy; a feminine landscape that captures all the geographic curves.

Bustle up for sass or down for elegance, to coffee in jeans, to the pool over a bathing suit or garnishing a sleek gown to the opera.. It all works with the Bustle Dress.
A client bought one to wear to the beach on holidays and she reported that many children followed her down the beach.

Pick one colour as your base and Dahlia Drive will procure the rest.

For a complete Dahlia Drive outfit, pair your Dahlia Drive Bustle Dress with the matching base colour of Dahlia Drive Lace or Dot Piano Pants

The painting itself is created with coloured dyes, clear dots and woven pieces of printed paper to mimic an imagined space under the earth’s surface.. Peeled back, striations are revealed, much like the horizontal formations seen on the sides of mountains. This history holds the tree upright, tells the story of its past and nourishes the present.. I love this. And I love how this story unfolds on a woman’s body.

The structure is three dimensional but the printing process is two, so small darts are made when it is pinned to the paintings. The ‘unfolding’, after heat pressing, gives texture and dimension to the sculpture. Finally and deliciously it is filled by you.

Rolls ends of curtain sheers never looked so good and would do nothing for the land fill. Wash, wear, dance.


Styled by You