The very first Dahlia Drive sheer structure, circa 2007, the Kimono is a cursory nod to the traditional Japanese kimono esthetic. The back is shape fitted yet the front can hang loose (a column of elegance), tied (a bow of delight) or wrapped around to the back (sleek and active). The most versatile structure in the Dahlia Drive repertoire, the Lace Kimono is an easy adornment to dramatize a simple dress, give class to jeans or cover arms in the sun. Washable, dryable, packable, uncreasable. Take it with you wherever you go.

Made from discarded curtain sheer roll ends.

Pair your Dahlia Drive Lace Tree Kimono with Dahlia Drive Coal coloured Lace Piano Pants or Dot Piano Pants. A complete outfit!

When I think of lace, I think of my Grandmother Lila’s lace tablecloths; food, sustenance, connection, love. Lace – intricate, delicate, appearing so fragile; one long thread knotted and woven and tied into an intentional pattern. One thread breaks and the story, the connection, the pattern unravels. It is within these lace connections I wish to depict the veins, rivulets, roots, branches and life force of my Grandmother’s love. We are all connected by a union of invisible threads.

I screened the tree onto one piece of paper in ‘coal’ dye then screen printed a red ‘heart’ dot amongst the trees. I paint ‘coal’ on another piece of paper and, once dry, screen the lace on top in clear. The tree and sun painting is laid down and the folded kimono is placed on top and pinned. The lace painting is torn to fit diagonally on the folded structure and pinned. The entire piece is heatset. The ripped edges of the lace mimic roots in the underground; rivulet roads seeking nourishment and water. The microcosm of the tree and sun on the back become a microcosm of its underground world on the front, the warmth of the sun shining down at your heart.

Styled by You