Hatori WEAVE

Dahlia Drive’s Weave Hatori is designed to be worn over a simple snug garment. Its function is to layer the story of woven dot and tree images, in all their possible interpretations and iterations onto your landscape, creating an ephemeral image of space and time. The lapels are designed to create a column of equal space between them; long, lean, elegant.

Wear this piece for coffee, to the beach or the opera. Light, washable and crease resistant, it is a perfect piece to take with you wherever you go.

Please pick one colour you wish to layer into the piece as an accent to the required ‘smoke’ base of your Hatori.

Pair with a Dahlia Drive ‘Smoke’ or ‘your colour choice’ Lace Piano Pants for a complete outfit!

Rolls ends of curtain sheers never looked so good and would do nothing for the landfill. Wash, wear, dance.

The story of the weave is captured by cutting into strips previously printed dot and tree paintings. These strips are then wovern together and glued to a single piece of paper in order to keep them in place. The blank Hatori is laid out flat on the painting which is then wrapped around the front to present a continuous weave landscape beyond hem and seam.

I use weaving ubiquitously in my work. From this practice I have realized that no matter the orientation of a particular organic image, our eye creates a story to justify its place in the context of its presentation. Blurred images of trees and dots become a landscape for a moonlit night in the forest within the atmospheric and evolving small sequences of similar yet non sequitorial squares. Meanwhile, this vision floats around a woman’s body, offering quick shadows of a leg or breast or back in the mysterious night. So much to see, so little time… and never all at once.

As with any history, each woven layer informs the other, altering connection, reception and result. I love the organic results from this process. Although there is a place for the shiny presentation of a freshly painted coal with clear dot piano pants presentation, the use of this paper ‘s dye weakens unevenly, creating beautiful movement in this woven format. I can usually use a piano pant paper twice before I feel it stops serving the desired piano pant result . In my search to use what I have, the weave has become a perfect solution to exhaust completely the results of my process. It is within this path of discovery, based on a quest for sound environmental practice and respect for conserving energy that trumps the time management of manufacturing for profit.

Styled by You