Hatori TREE

Dahlia Drive’s Hatori is designed to be worn over a simple snug garment. Its function is to layer the story of a tree onto your landscape, creating an ephemeral image of nature influenced into life through your form. The lapels are designed to create a column of equal space between them; long, lean, elegant.

Wear this piece for coffee, to the beach or the opera. Light, washable and crease resistant, it is a perfect piece to take with you wherever you go.

Choose one colour as your base colour and Dahlia Drive will do the rest!
Pair your Dahlia Drive Tree Hatori with the matching colour in Dahlia Drive Lace Piano Pants or, if you choose a Coal base, the Dahlia Drive Dot Piano Pants. A complete outfit!

The story is captured in dye layers on a large piece of paper until a complete canvas is built: colour, dots, tree, more colour, more dots, another tree. The blank Hatori is laid out flat on the painting which is then wrapped around the front and back to present a continuous landscape beyond hem and seam.

The tree trunk is placed to follow your spine, its branches send rivers of air and blood into the far corners of your marvellous body. The roots or ‘legs’ of the tree, at the base of the garment, are woven from cut strips of previously used tree images (usually from the Smock Tree structure). In this way, the earth becomes the foundation of the tree, a woven reflection of the world above yet composted in the soil, its roots engaged in layers of ancestral history.
Meanwhile, your roots (legs) reach the real earth, establishing the story’s foundation.

Pinned in place, the ‘sandwich’ is placed in a press and infused by heat to set the dye. .

The unwrapping of the Hatori always feels like my birthday: anticipation, glee, wonder. The dyes on paper look nothing like the heat pressed results and there are always unexpected surprises. Imperfection is celebrated.

My goal is to transmit the wonder of this story onto you ; to the wonder of you.
The Hatori is nothing without you.

Light, no-iron, wash by hand or machine. Crumple and go. Made from roll ends of polyester curtain material.

Styled by You