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The Canucks Dress!

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Posted By: Taylor Jukes · 5/30/2011 1:22:00 PM

24 Hours Reporter Sarah Rowland joined us on the show today to chat about this Canucks-inspired dress that had heads turning downtown Vancouver on the weekend!

Forget the jersey and face painting. A Vogue-inspired, blue and green playoff slip dress is the way to go for the Stanley Cup Final.

Call it Canucks Couture.

Dalhia Drive ( has created a beautiful limited edition “Playoff Slip” dress that every fashionista knows wouldn’t be complete without accessories – in this case, peacock feather earrings and a blue sequined flapper headband from Frilly Lilly on Hamilton Street.

Even in yoga-pant-wearing city, it was a hit with hockey fans. True, some Robson Street shoppers thought an outing in the dress on Saturday was a little premature and overzealous. But for the most part people loved it. More than a few women asked where they could find the dress while some men wanted a photo of it.

There was the occasional “you go girl,” and one enthusiastic fan pointed and shouted in the middle of street “that woman is a hero.”

Funny thing is, these comments seemed to happen while walking away from crowds. But when walking toward people in this slinky number, it was like a parting of the sea. And I’m pretty sure I’m not Moses, so this knee-jerk reaction to clear the way and avoid eye contact might have had something to do with the transparency.

The designer warned against wearing the dress without leggings. But oh no, I just had to kick it natural with nothing but a thong and a thin blue, hand-painted hockey stick to cover my butt.

As a result, whenever I walked into pockets of sunlight, my arse was on display for the whole world to see. That’s one theory anyway – the other is some people just thought I was balls-out crazy?

No matter. After a long day of showing my team spirit (among other things), I was thirsty. So I headed to One Hundred Nights at the Opus Hotel for a well-deserved Canuck cocktail. You know what they say? Nothing screams “Go Canucks Go” quite like a scantily clad, fashion reporter sucking back a blue-tinted drink – except maybe a hardcore fan flashing her boobs during the game. But that’s not gonna happen. These girls are for private viewings only, so keep those drinks coming and Go Canucks Go!!!!

Mad props to Rouge Makeup Lounge (1038 Hamiliton St.) for the Canuck makeover, Pure Nail Bar ( for the special “Blue & White Shattered” Canuck manicure and Blo Blow Dry Bar ( for the Canuck blowout.

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