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Other Charities

Eve is in the Garden

1 slip dyed in bronze fennel and rusted, 1 slip dyed in cochineal and rusted, jute, wheatgrass seed, sunlight, kelp water

The Caper’s contest, to incorporate food into design for fashion, inspired me to create a prototype for the “living dress”. I wanted to design a piece that went beyond imaging food on clothing to actually clothing of food. Last year, I made a dress of scarlet runner beans growing up a woven, metal dress, fashioned after Venus de Villendorf. When uprooted, the beans quickly dried and drooped. I wanted the Caper’s dress to keep her integrity longer so I chose organic wheatgrass as the edible textile, grown on a backdrop of felted jute. I bought the seeds and starting soaking them 12 days before the contest deadline. Then I spread them out on jute fabric cut into my pattern pieces for the dress and nurtured them for 10 days. On July 18 I sewed the seams. Voila! Underneath the grass dress are 2 recycled slips; one dyed in the natural dye cochineal, the other dyed in the leaves of the bronze fennel (from my garden). The lacy quality of the slip echoes the delicate patterns in the roots and leaves of plants. The grid pattern on the longer slip is created by rust and is meant to evoke the network of roots that feed the grass. Eve is barefoot in her garden; her earrings are fresh cherries, her watering can resplendent with more.

The Venus Project

Copper wire, brass wire, bicycle tires, ribbon, pearls, air,
scarlet runner beans, purple beans,soil, water, sunlight, time

Inspired by the overt femaleness of the Venus de Villendorf and a school weaving project based on creating woven sculptures, I used the loom to weave an open tube of wire, bicycle tires and ribbon. The tires, once inflated, became the huge bosom and buttocks of the statue. The finished piece hung in my garden and in the spring I decided to grow beans up it and enter it into the 2005 Wearable Art Show (picture 1). In the show I called it “Venus de Beano” (picture 2). Ultimately, Venus went back to the garden where she awaits her next interpretation (picture 3). Photo credit: Frozen Reflections (

Breast Implants

Felted jute, wheatgrass seed, kelp fertilizer, water, sun

I have always loved gardening; fresh air, aspirations of promise, budding uncertainty, food. I wanted to transfer this experience to cloth. My experiments proved wheatgrass to be very forgiving when uprooted and when receiving nutrients only through sprayed kelp water. A grass bra sounded fun and then it came to me: breast in plants. These were entered into the 2006 Wearable Art Show in Port Moody.

Kimpton Red Ribbon Campaign

Wear it anywhere and wear it in a flash Fundraiser for Loving Spoonful: A volunteer-driven, non-partisan society that provides free nutritious meals to people living with HIV in the Greater Vancouver area.

November 2nd showcased an “unfashion” show featuring a fashion shoot of local designer’s creations incorporating the AIDS red ribbon. World Aids Day, photos from the shoot were exhibited and auctioned off along with the red ribbon garments.

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