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Kool Aid Dyeing

1. Koolaid will dye wool, nylon, silk, hair
2. Put koolaid powder and water in a pot. Enough water to cover what you are dying
3. Add a splash of vinegar (1/4 cup or so)
4. Immerse damp article
5. Heat over stove until simmer and let simmer until the water is clear. (about 20 min)
6. Close your eyes and imagine what the lining to your gut must look like after you drink this stuff.
7. Wash and rinse.
8. If the colour is not intense enough, do it again until the water won’t go clear after 20 min which means the article is saturated

Try tie dying with Koolaid. Very cool, eh? Oh yeah, tie dyeing using zap straps is easy although does create some waste.

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