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(Vancouver, BC)—If you are a female hockey fan how do you show your support for the home team? Flash your breasts; grow a beard; wear an oversized jersey; or drink a keg of beer? Dahlia Drive has a better solution, limited edition Playoff Slips.

Designer Wendy Van Riesen helps female hockey fans cheer on the home team with a sexy flair. Her reworked vintage slips have lacy details, Canuck colours of blue, green and white, and a cheeky hockey stick running down the spine. It’s a more feminine look than a head to toe green body suit.

“It’s been 14 years since the Canucks were in the Stanley Cup playoffs so this year’s team is resurrected a wasteland much like I continually do with fashion,” says Wendy. “Their fight and the city’s support for the team is really inspiring to me.”

Dahlia Drive has been using antique slips to make one-of-a-kind dresses that peel back the layers of femininity since 2005. The soft edges of lace and sweetheart necklines are resurrected with a mixture of colour, imagery, and embellishments.

And now thanks to Dahlia Drive, centre ice has never looked so good.

The Playoff Slip retails for $150 and can be ordered online at, simply write Playoff Slip on the order form.

To interview designer Wendy Van Riesen please contact:

Sarah Murray
Director, The Honey Mustard,
t: 604-734-5674, c: 604-418-5436
twitter: @thehoneymustard

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