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Many things inspire me. The ones that stick, that beckon me to reinterpret and transform them, are transitory in nature. I delight in and hold a tight fisted fear of evolution; embracing change but fearing the absolutes that accompany it: life/ death, value/ inconsequence, messy/ clean, beautiful/ugly. My theatre background houses this process as an ongoing quest, a splash between the brackets, where I endeavour to live life as it reveals itself to me and continues its spin into the world.


1. Respect for the environment: The most important value is to conserve waste by transforming what we already have before creating more.
2. Art is affordable: The second-place value is to make art and art design on clothing available to consumers who want it.
3. All women’s bodies are beautiful: The third-place value is to create clothing that celebrates all shapes and sizes of the female form.
4. Integrity: The fourth-place value indicates Dahlia Drive’s aspiration to create quality fashion that is based on conservation ethics and principles.
5. Vision: The fifth-place value is to print images and textures on slips which reflect the beauty of the female form while implying the inherent value of what lies beneath and above the simple layer.